Student handbook

Our school handbook provides students and parents with information regarding school policies and services. This handbook supersedes any prior handbooks. In order to keep pace with laws and requirement affecting our mission, vision, and goals, this handbook may be modified or revoked at any time without prior notice or taking into consideration prior practices or customs. Parents are encouraged to consult with school administration if they have questions.

Please read and discuss the information in this handbook with your child. Students and parents are expected to be familiar with the student handbook. Please feel free to call the school office should you have any questions. Mahalo Nui Loa!

Kahuku Elementary Student Handbook


Vision: Be a champion...make excellence a habit! Learn! Achieve! Succeed!

Mission: Kahuku Elementary School is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment that fosters academic success and creates the building blocks for life-long learning.


Kahuku Elementary Students will be able to:

  • Be responsible for one's own learning.

  • Work well with others.

  • Engage in complex thinking and problem solving.

  • Recognize quality performance and produce quality products.

  • Communicate effectively.

  • Use a variety of technology effectively and ethically.


  • Students are expected to attend school and to arrive on time.

  • Our first bell is at 7:45 am

  • Our second bell is at 7:50 am

  • Students are considered tardy 5 minutes after the first bell.

  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday are regular school days therefore school ends at 2:05 pm. School ends at 12:35 pm on Wednesday.

  • Note: if a student is taken out of school before 11:00 am or comes to school after 11:00 am, they are considered absent for the day.


  • Please call 305-9400 to report an absence. If no call is received, the attendance clerk will call to verify the absence.

  • An absence may be excused by submitting a letter signed by a parent to the homeroom teacher just prior to , or immediately following the absence.

  • If a student will be absent for a known period of time, parents are to notify the main office so that class/homework assignments can be made available for pick up.

  • The student is responsible for all missing assignments during his/her absence. All assignments must be completed as instructed by the teacher. Students who have 5 or more absences will be reported to the office for administrative follow up.


  • Students who arrive late to school must report to the office so that adjustments can be made to their attendance records.

  • Students will be issued a tardy slip and admitted to class.


  • Parents submit a signed letter to the office requesting early dismissal from school. State the date, reason, time of release, parent signature, and a phone number where the parent may be reached for verification.

  • A student pass will be prepared. Parents are required to come to the office and present proper identification in order to sign for and pick up the student pass.



  • All visitors must report to the school office. Please bring proper identification.

  • The school will issue a visitor badge in exchange for your ID. Your ID will then be returned when the visitor badge is returned.

  • Children not enrolled at Kahuku Elementary School will not be allowed to visit without the permission of a school administrator.


  • There is NO supervision for the students in the morning before 7:30 am. Students should plan to arrive in time for breakfast or when school begins.

  • School playgrounds are OFF LIMITS to students when there is no school and no adult monitor.

  • All students are expected to leave campus at the end of school. Students are not allowed to remain in school buildings or on the school campus after dismissal without supervision. Exceptions to this policy are as follows:

  • Staying with a teacher for extra help

  • Registered for A-Plus Program

  • Registered for 21st Century Club

  • Parents who pick up children need to do so within 15 minutes of the dismissal bell.

  • Parents are responsible for making other arrangements in the event that they are not able to pick up children within the 15 minute time frame.


  • After school care is available for students. For more information, please contact 305-9400


  • Students are to attend school physically and be able to participate in class for the entire day. If the child becomes ill or injured during the school day, he/she needs to inform his/her teacher.

  • The teacher will complete a health referral form. The student takes the form and reports to the main office.

  • The health aide will determine if the child is able to return to class or needs to go home. Parents are to sign out their child at the health room.


  • A request of administration/storage of medication in school form needs to be completed and returned to the health aide.

  • Students whose requests have been approved will bring their medication(s) in its original container to the health aide for storage.

  • Students are not permitted to carry any medication with them during the school day.


  • Parents are to complete and return the following forms:

  • Student Information Form w/ Emergency Plan for Closing of School.

  • Emergency card

*IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY THAT THESE FORMS BE KEPT CURRENT. A new form must be completed and the school office must be informed of any changes to address, phone number, contact person, etc.


  • Applications for free or reduced meals are available at the office. Please complete the form and return it to the office as soon as possible.

  • A notification letter of your lunch status will be sent to you.


  • Payments are accepted in the front office and online.

  • Online payments toward a child’s lunch account can be made at ; please contact the front office if you have questions.


  • Breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 7:10 am - 7:40am.

  • Students should report directly to the cafeteria. Parents who would like to have breakfast will pay in the office before going to the cafeteria.

  • Payments are not accepted at the cafeteria.


  • Parents who would like to have school lunch must call the office by 8:15 am to place their order. Parents then report to the school office with an ID to sign-in, obtain a visitors badge and pay for lunch before going to the cafeteria.


  • Parents who would like to visit with or contact students at recess must report to the school office to sign-in and obtain a visitors badge before going to the field.

  • If you send a snack with your child (for after school, recess, or the emergency morning when your child has missed breakfast), please send nutritious snacks such as fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, etc.

  • Junk food items such as candy, soda, dried saimin, and family size bags of chips will not be allowed in school as they contradict the wellness guidelines. We encourage students to bring healthy snacks.

  • Wellness snack guidelines:

  • No more than 200 calories per serving

  • No more than 8 grams (g) of TOTAL FAT per serving.

  • No more than 2 grams (g) of SATURATED FAT per serving.

  • No more than 200 milligrams (mg) of SODIUM per serving.

  • Wellness Beverage Guidelines:

  • Water without flavoring, additives, or carbonation.

  • Low-Fat (1%) and non-fat milk in 8 oz. portions.

  • Lactose-free and soy beverages are included.

  • Flavored milk with no more than 22 grams of total sugar per 8-oz. portion.

  • 100 Percent fruit juice

  • 4- oz. portion elementary school

  • Caffeine-Free with the exception of trace amounts of naturally occurring caffeine substances (i.e. chocolate milk)

  • Items not meeting the wellness guidelines will be confiscated and held in the office for pick up after school.


  • We believe that a strong relationship exists between what a student wears and the attitude and behavior he/she displays. For that reason, Kahuku Elementary students have a t-shirt uniform that is to be worn Monday - Thursday unless otherwise notified.

  • If the student is not wearing the uniform, he/she will be given a school uniform to borrow for the day- these are available in the health room. Students will not be allowed to borrow school uniforms on a daily basis.


"Free Dress Day" students may wear a shirt of their choosing that is not a uniform t-shirt. The chosen shirt must follow the dress code described below.

  • Dress Code:

* No strapless, low-cut, halter styles or racer back shirts.

* Tops must have straps that are at least two inches in width.

* The length of shorts, skirts, and dresses is no higher than the length of the middle finger when arms are positioned by the sides.

* No leggings, unless they are worn under shorts, skirts or dresses that are no higher than the length of your middle finger when your arms are positioned by the sides.

* Underwear must not be exposed. This includes bra straps, underwear or boxers.

Parents/Guardians will be contacted if a student's clothing violates the dress code.

  • Footwear, Sunglasses and Headgear

  • Footwear is REQUIRED at all times

  • Dark/Sunglasses and headgear including hats, visors and sunshades must be removed before entering a classroom and building, unless required for medical reasons.


  • Clothing for special school events like picture taking day and graduation must meet the approved dress code.


  • School uniform shirts may be purchased for $7.00 each in the PCNC room located in F - Building or the front office. Please call the office for more information.


  • Each student included in the field trip must submit a signed Parent Authorization for Student Travel Form.

  • Students who do not attend the field trip are still required to attend school.


  • Open House is scheduled during the beginning of the school year. Parents are given the opportunity to visit their child's teacher and classroom. Information regarding classroom expectations, procedures and grading policies are shared at this time.

  • Individual student conferences need to be scheduled for another time.


  • Student Progress Reports, or report cards, are a permanent record of your child's academic progress. The original is kept by the school and parents will receive a copy of this report.

  • Second, Third, and Fourth Quarter (end of year) report cards are sent home with students. Report cards for the First Quarter are distributed at parent/teacher conferences.


  • Parent/Teacher Conferences give parents and teachers the opportunity to discuss a child's progress and to share information with each other.

  • Conferences for all students are scheduled after the 1st quarter.

  • At the end of the 2nd quarter, conferences may be scheduled by your child's teacher only if the teacher feels a conference is needed.

  • During conference weeks, school will end and students will be dismissed one hour earlier than the regularly scheduled time (except on Wednesday).


  • Parents may receive a mid-quarter report for their child if the child is not showing adequate progress at that particular time. This report gives parents the opportunity to help their child improve before the end of the quarter.


  • Students from grades K-6 will receive a student planner at the start of the school year. This planner is used to keep track of assignments. Planners are to be taken home at the end of the day and brought back to school the next day.

  • Teachers and parents can communicate to each other by writing notes in this planner.

  • Students who lose their planners will be assessed a fee of $5.00 to purchase a replacement.


  • Homework is assigned daily. Please check your child's planner (assignment book) for a list of their nightly assignments and initial or sign as noted by the teacher if requested by teacher.


  • Students are responsible for all textbooks assigned to them. Students are responsible for covering and maintaining the condition of these textbooks throughout the year. They are also responsible for the library books borrowed and other materials assigned to them.

  • Students are responsible for the cost of replacing lost or damaged books. The fee is an obligation that must be paid prior to graduation from the 6th grade.


  • Students are responsible for their own property brought to school and should not bring expensive items from home to school as they may get lost or stolen.


Toys, balls face or playing cards, dice, games, laser pointers or portable media devices (ex: ipods, mp3 players, hand-held games, etc.) Items will be confiscated and student or parent will be asked to pick them up at the office.


  • Any items such as books, clothing, and footwear which are found shall be placed in the Lost and Found bin located in the office. Items such as money and jewelry shall be given to the secretary for safe keeping.

  • Students are to inquire at the office for lost items.


  • Students are not allowed to make phone calls from the classrooms.

  • Students who need to call home must go to the school office and ask permission from the office personnel before using the office phone.


  • The term "Cell Phone" includes cell phone watches.

  • Cell phones are not to be used on campus during instructional hours. Students who need to call home may use the office phone. Parents who need to contact their children may call the office. Students who need to call home after school and want to use their own cell phone will need to do so before or after school hours.

  • Phones brought to the school must remain in the student's backpack at all times. Any phone not in a backpack will be confiscated at the teacher’s discretion. Confiscated phones turned into the office will be returned at the administrator’s discretion.


  • Parents requesting to meet with an administrator are encouraged to call the school office at 305-9400 to set and appointment.


  • Fire drills are held at regular intervals throughout the year. When the fire alarm sounds or fire alarm light flashes, students are instructed to leave the building and walk quickly and quietly to the nearest assigned area as specified by the evacuation map.

  • Students who are in the bathroom should exit the room and locate his/her teacher at the designated area.

  • There should be no talking or hesitancy in leaving the buildings during these drills.


  • Parents are to remain off campus in the event of any emergency.

  • If an evacuation is needed, we will proceed to our evacuation site. Please wait until you are notified via the media (radio/television) or phone to pick up your child. Be sure to bring an ID with you as parents must present proper identification to the teacher.

  • School closures will be announced via the media (radio/television).


  • The Student Body Government is the governing body of our school. This council consists of a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and historian.

  • All officers are elected by the student body and must exemplify the characteristics of a Jr. Red Raider at all times. Failure to be a good role model may result in the loss of the position.


  • Parents/Guardians will need to come to the office to complete a Request for Release Form.

  • Please allow 3-5 working days for the release forms to be ready.


  • Super Raider assemblies are held once a month to recognize those students who best represent being a "Super Raider".

  • Students are nominated by their teacher based on the following criteria.



Responsible for their own learning


Uses a variety of technology effectively and ethnically.


Engages in complex thinking and shows resourcefulness.


Communicates effectively.


Gets along well with others.


Respects teachers, elf, others/peers, authority, and environment.


Comes to school on time. No tardies or unexcused absences.


Resilient; uses a positive approach to solving problems, encourages others to do their best.


Self-motivated, follows school and classroom rules.


Recognizes quality performance and produces quality products.


Takes ownership of actions, obligations, and commitments. completes assignments on time. Returns books and materials that were assigned for the year.

  • Parent Notification of Super Raider Award

  • The office will notify you by letter via your child or call.

  • The teacher will notify you by phone.


  • Rules for the student behavior at school and in the classroom have been established to protect the rights, safety, and well-being of all students and to further the academic achievement of each student. All students at Kahuku Elementary are expected to observe all rules.

  • Students are expected to comply with Chapter 19, the state discipline program. Failure to comply with these expectations may result in disciplinary action as determined by the school administration. Chapter 19 brochures are sent home with students on the first day of school and extra copies are also available at the school office.

  • Students who will be representing our school (ex: student body government, physical fitness team, may day court, field trips, etc.) must be positive role models and display exemplary behavior at all times. Failure to do so may result in a loss of privileges and/or removal from an event and/or position held by the student.


  • Students must be in good standing with meal tracker payments, library dues, lost material or book fines before paying for and participating in field trips, may day, graduation or other after school events as determined by the administration.