Special Programs

Ms. Anela's Art Class

" There are no wrong answers. Just interesting solutions!" Anela Manu

As an Art teacher, Ms. Anela's goal and objective are to:

  • promote innovative ways of communication

  • encourage students to express their ideas by using various tools, processes, and media

  • help students identify and interact with various types of works and arts."

Students were entered in the Clarence T. Ching "Acts of Kindness" art contest.

Each student designed their own portfolios and will be gearing up to be entered in the City & County Kahuku District Park Winter Art Contest.

This month our students are going to start working on their Christmas coloring contest this week! this is very exciting and we look forward to seeing all their work displayed at Foodland Laie!

Kindergarten Project

Our Kindergarten students turned their color spectrum and were inspired to "Keep Up" the good work they've done so far.

Grade 1 Project

Mrs. Glaser's students completed this Snow Owl

Grade 1 Project

Mrs. Esera's students completed this Barn Owl

Grade 1 Project

Mrs. Reze's students completed this Elf Owl

Grade 2 Project

Mrs. Halemano's students completed this Fish

Grade 3 & Grade 4 Project

Our 3rd and 4th grade students worked on identifying warm colors and blending techniques.

Grade 5 & 6 Project

Our 5th and 6th grade students worked on their color spectrum. They learned their primary, secondary, and intermediate colors.