School Uniforms

Our School believes that a strong relationship exists between what a student wears and the attitude and behavior he/she displays. For that reason, Kahuku Elementary students have a t-shirt uniform that is to be worn Monday through Thursday unless otherwise notified. We strongly encourage families and students to adhere by our dress code as we strive to promote Unity within our school. Friday is a "Free Dess Day" during which our students may wear a shirt of their choosing that is not a uniform t-shirt.

Please feel free to contact the office if you have any questions:

PHONE: (808) 305-9400


Our School Uniform T-shirts are available at the main office

Cotton Shirts are $8.00 each

Dry fit sizes Youth Large - XL are $10.00 each

Dry fit sizes XXL and XXXL are $15.00 each

*Dry fit are limited quantity