Make Excellence a Habit


October 27th, 2020. Halloween Car Parade

  • Teachers, Admin and staff will be driving through Kahuku. (see map*)

  • We'd love to see you in your costumes (if you have one) but mostly we are just looking forward to seeing YOU.

  • We will be bringing music, treats and some of that Kahuku Elementary Halloween fun we have every year!

Those students living outside map area may line up along District park sidewalk. Students in gated community can come to Kam Hwy similar to our Back to School Parade) Please be accompanied by an adult.

August 2020: Want to have fun making a distance-learning mobile work station AND get a free shave ice??? Check out this flyer and video to learn how...


July 2020: Kahuku elementary school SUMMER!

Thank you to students for catching pics of your activities and Mrs Halemano for this compilation of grades K-6.

July 2020: Some fun highlights from Mr Lee's summer school class

mr lee summer school

June 2o2o: A Fond Farewell to Mrs Enos and Mrs Camit in their retirement

We appreciate your many years of service to the children of Kahuku Elementary

Our May Day Queen 2020

Mari's Aunty made this video for her and her family so they could experience some of what May Day entails.

Mr Lee's 3rd grade Class

Video Remembering 2020


Teacher Appreciation Week May 2020

May 4 - May 8

See video from our parents and children

Faculty and Staff April Parade

April 6, 2020

On April 6th the KES staff hit the streets of Kahuku to show they missed their kids and that Distance Learning (because of Covid 19) would soon kick off.